Wildlife & Nature Treks

Wildlife is always more approachable on horseback! We can offer rides high into the hills to see herds of red deer, beach rides to see seals, seabirds and waders, take you walking to see otters,
or ride to remote lochs to find red throated or if we are very lucky black throated divers.


a group of riders on horses riding past seals on the beach at Brora


Full Day 6 hours with information given on flora and fauna we encounter on the ride. Routes vary, but generally include the beach, heathery hillside and forest and we would expect to see seals and deer, plus a variety of other species. We can also offer hill, loch and riverside rides, so please specify which you would prefer at time of booking. Please bring a packed lunch. £70

Evening rides

2 hours - beach and forest
3 hours - forest and hill
Deer Trek 3 - 4 hours depending on how long it takes us to find the deer on the hill! £50
Beach and Loch Fleet Nature Reserve

2 - 3 hours depending on what we find and how long you would like to spend. Excellent location for seabirds, ducks and waders, plus occasional sightings of otters. Seals on the sand banks and rare plant species, including twin flower and one flowered wintergreen.

This ride is slightly more expensive than our other rides as Loch Fleet is approximately 8 miles from our premises, meaning we have to transport the horses to the start of the trail by vehicle.

Fungi Spotting Have fun with Fungi - come fungi spotting with us!
We can offer rides or walks identifying edible and poisonous fungi.
Please call for dates and details.
3 hours - £40
6 hours - £70
Two day Nature watching break Including Full Day ride, Loch Fleet ride and Evening ride, plus early morning otter spotting on foot. £300 Bed & Breakfast
£220 No accommodation


Want a longer break - please contact us and this can be arranged, or why not join us on one of our Coast to Coast Trail Riding holidays, where we pass through a wide variety of habitats, from the beaches of the east, through mountains, moorland and areas of blanket bog to the lochan strewn rocky shores of the west, through a landscape rich in wildlife, rare plantlife and interesting geological features.

Wildlife around Brora

Species Best time to see Other Information
Red Deer All year. Any time of day. Stags can be seen rutting from mid October to early November.
There are lots of deer in the hills behind our stables. We might not be able to get too close, but they are easily watched with the help of binoculars. Easier to spot in winter when they graze on lower ground.
Roe Deer All year. Best at dawn and dusk

Often glimpsed in the woods during the day, but best watched whilst relaxed and feeding at dawn or dusk.

Seals All year, but more haul out on our local beach in the summer.

Grey Seals have their pups in October & November.
Common Seals pup in the summer - normally June and July.
The local seals are very used to the horses and seem happy for us to ride quite close to them.

Ospreys May to August Spotted carrying twigs and small branches for their nests and fishing on the lochs
Otters Dawn! They generally sleep during the day, but we've seen them at all times. Best chance is to get up early. Sometimes we see otters in the burn or by the waterfall on the beach by the house. We have even had one strolling past the yard! They sometimes steal our duck eggs. Can also be seen on the River Brora anywhere between the harbour and the loch.
Pine Marten Spring, Summer and Autumn. Best chance at dusk Pine Marten live in the the forests around the area. We have seen them occasionally crossing the forest trails on evening rides. They are very elusive and we have to be very lucky to see them.
Mountain hare All year High hills and moors
Salmon April to November The salmon start their run as the waters warm from the end of April through to the end of November and can be seen jumping on many rivers around the area
Arctic Terns May to July Nest locally.
Divers Spring and Summer on lochs and in Autumn and Winter on the coast Red throated and the more elusive Black throated diver can be seen on high lochans and sometimes on the larger lochs around the area. Also on sheltered coastal areas.
Golden Eagle All year If you see one you will know it!
Not to be confused with 'tourist eagles' which is how the locals refer to buzzards!
Sea Birds All year Lots to see - Fulmars nest on the cliffs a few hundred yards from the house!
Ravens All year A pair nest near Duchary Hill Fort in the hills behind our stables and another pair often frequent the cliffs by the beach.
Buzzards All year This is buzzard central - there are several breeding pairs around the area.
Migratory Birds   The area around Loch Fleet is particularly good for migratory birds
Grouse All year Red & Black grouse on the hills
Waterfowl All year Mergansers, goosanders, goldeneye and eider, can be seen courting at loch fleet in January and February. Shelduck nest down by the waterfall on the beach
Crested Tit All year Local Scots pine forests
Snow Bunting Late September to early March Hillsides and on the coast
Hen Harriers Summer High moorland


Other wildlife watching experiences not too far away - Puffins, Red Kites, Dolphins......

On foot

On packages some of our wildlife watching experiences will be taken on foot. Looking for otters for example is easier on foot, as some of the riverbank tracks are not suitable for horses and the best spot for otter watching is only a few hundred yards from the house, so it's not really worth tacking up!

Species Best time to see Other Information
Heather August to Early September Ling & Cross Heath almost everywhere!
Scottish Primrose July/August Occasional on this coast, but more abundant on the North Coast
Twin flower June to Early July  
One flowered wintergreen May to July Also known as St Olafs Candlestick. 90% of the UK population of this plant grows locally.
Creeping Ladies Tresses Mid July to Late August  
Fungi August to November Have fun with Fungi! Come Fungi spotting with us.