What People Say About Highlands Unbridled

'Just a quick 'belated' note to say thanks very much for our amazing couple of weeks riding at your stables. We had a fabulous time and hope to be back when we're next in the area. Also, thanks very much for the photos - really appreciated...!  After our last ride, Graham asked us if we thought you could do anything better or differently. We feel that you don't need to change anything. What we loved about riding with you was the opportunity to do what we wanted (within reason) and to have the flexibility you gave us. I think what you offer is that unique blend of friendliness, lovely surroundings, fabulous location and fantastic horses, so we think you should just make the most of the fact that you are 'unique'...!  I also just wanted to say that I have the opportunity to give money to a Charity of my choice through Workplace Giving UK - www.workplacegiving-uk.com and I've chosen to sponsor The Brooke, as I think they're a very necessary group of people who're doing a great job.   Best wishes,
Maggie (Bridgeman / Sinha clan)

"My sister and I had two fantastic rides at Highlands Unbridled last week - we have totally fallen in love with this place!! We just wanted to say a big thank you to Eileen and Major who were just the loveliest trek guides and we had a wonderful time riding out with you both :o) And of course another big thank you to Boston and Saffy - we love you guys and had a fantastic time on our rides :o) The combination of gorgeous, happy horses, lovely staff and beautiful scenery to ride through makes Highlands Unbridled an absolute gem.
Please give Boston and Saffy a hug and a kiss from us both! We hope to visit again sometime!! XX "


Thank you for my wonderful treks! I really enjoyed them! My highlight would probably be when we went galloping on the beach! I loved the day trip and all the amazing views. I think Rae deserved a well earned rest ready for next year!
Thanks again Phoebe Jenkins

THANK YOU BOTH FOR THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE, I can't put into words just how much last weeks Coast to Coast Express ride meant to me. and I know  I will treasure those memories for ever. It has been very difficult getting back to normality; the noise of modern living and the immediate accessibility others have of you is all a bit to in your face, and I can't help but remember the companionable solitude we all enjoyed on our journey, not forgetting the incredible scenery. Felt very tired since I got back, but no other ill effects with the exception of having gained two pounds in weight! No doubt due to all the great food. I miss you and the horses,especially Annie. Thank you for all your kind support and abundent patience, your generosity of spirit and true love and understanding of horses is truely unique. It was THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE.
Kind regards Nicky

Sadly it was back to work today, but the holiday that Catriona and I had was made that much more special by a fantastic afternoon spent with "Highlands Unbridled". Your relaxed/laid back style allowed me to learn more (by doing more) than I could ever hope to learn in a school, more importantly it allowed me to enjoy learning. I may ache around parts I don't care to mention, but I ache to join H.U. again, possibly for more than half a day, as soon as I can.   Many, many thanks for a day that was very enjoyable, and best wishes for a successful season. I do hope that I can persaude Cat to add HU to our itinerary for our main holiday later this year (C to C would be a great idea, if you can promise good weather!).   Thanks to you both, and I hope that we will join you again in the near future....

The week I spent with you was one of the best experiences of my life. You both made the most excellent hosts/guides/leaders/companions. I particularly appreciated your gentle and genuine approach to your guests and your horses - so different from some of the horsey people you encounter! The fact that the ponies were so obliging and willing in all weathers and conditions is a testament to how happy they are in their work. You have a great little herd there. If you will have us, Nicky and I are planning to return next year for the longer ride - bags me Rae of course!
Liz xx

Just a short note to thank you for making our daughter Lucy's holiday so special when we visited you last Friday. You were all so friendly yet professional. It was so refreshing to find an organisation that retains a homely,friendly feel with staff that are clearly passionate about what they do. As we mentioned, Lucy has developed an obsession with horses but has never been able to sit on a pony , let alone ride one, she has talked non stop about little Kelpie - I am sure you have fuelled her obsession - we will probably not be thanking you when Christmas arrives and Lucy requests a pony !! Once again thank you so much for making our wee girl so happy, we look forward to seeing you again next year. Best regards,
Gordon, Andrea and Lucy

Souveniers from a very happy frenchy! I want to thank you again for the really nice trek you organised and for the good job you are doing to make people realise their dream. It was such a wonderful experience, you have been so friendly, Annie was super, a real gentle and comfortable companion during these few days. Food and accomodation was perfect, weather conditions, as usual in Scotland, warm and sunny!! You made me discover so many different countrysides, people, animals, food, way of living in such a few days, it's as if it happened so quickly, as a dream but at the same time, we had plenty of time to appreciate the superb surroundings, feel the atmophere, imagine in rude conditions, people in the past.... a real breath, just to feel real life, really. Back to reality needs some time after that!

Just a note to say that Rachel really enjoyed her trek on Molly last week - and we enjoyed a walk alongside on the deserted beach and even got close to the seals! It was a fantastic experience and I would recommend anyone coming to the area to pay you a visit. Kylie was lovely and I would go as far as to say it was the best part of our trip.
Thanks again Louise,Paul and Rachel x

Bonnie and I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much we enjoyed the Pony Trek!  It was definitely the highlight of our trip to Scotland. It was an amazing day with seals, sand, moors, deer, and the beautiful scenery!  I have always heard about the beautiful vibrant heather, but now I know what my Dad  was talking about!  It is not every day we would get the opportunity to ride around a castle. Thanks again for a great day and give Angus and Blue a big hug from us!

Just to say thank you for the brilliant week across Scotland, particularly the gallop on the beach. I've wanted to do that for very many years. Your company and good humour made it all the more special.
Blue skies Barbara

Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much we both enjoyed the coast to coast trail ride and to thank you both for a very enjoyable time the scenery was fantastic, horses were brilliant, all the accommodation was super and we enjoyed your company enormously.
Take care. Lynn and Carol XX

Thank you for leading us on such a wonderful holiday - it was clear how much time and effort had gone into researching the routes, accommodation etc and yo have created a unique and very special experience as a result. Adrian is now riding regularly - so I hope we'll return for the Northern route one day.
Best wishes. Felicity

Myself, my twins Amber and Ruaridh, and my best friend Roz and her wee girl Skye came to ride out to the beach today....And were blown away by just how wonderful an experience your girls and establishment made it!  It was the first time for my twins and your girls made it so relaxing and fun for them that they took to it like ducks to water...Giggles for the whole half an hour....Special thanks please to Kylie for being the most polite, sweet and amazing host today....Roz and I are experienced, riders but thoroughly enjoyed the time.....
Don't stop what you do as it is perfect!  I have been waiting for Amber and Ruaridh to be ready to start riding as I started when i was only three and you have the most wonderful atmosphere and so lucky to be next to the beach...this is now a definite weekly occurance for all of us...Thanks again
Donnah, Roz, Skye, Amber and Ruaridh

I hope all is well, and a big congratulations on the  nomination and coming in on the top 3 for that award. I would have voted  for Highlands Unbridled as you are an excellent example of promoters of  Scotland!! You gave me a wonderful experience - one I will always  remember and may have the opportunity to extend. Thank you.
Leslie (Canada)

Our Coast to Coast ride was a truly amazing experience.  It had all the ingredients and more,  that we had envisaged,  when planning our adventure.  Although we thought we had prepared well, nothing could have prepared us for such a splendid experience.  I couldn't have wished for a more wonderful pony than Bonnie, even though she  jumped every stream from Brora to Lochinver!  With her strong  heart and gentle nature there was no way that we were not going to reach our destination.  Your love  and concern for your horses always came across and that was something we had often seen lacking in other stables  that we had used.
You were both great  traveling companions and your enthusiasm for your work most certainly comes across.  Even though  my body was in France my heart was most certainly with you, on your return journey back.  I could imagine each day and each hour,  where you would be at that point of time.   
There are no words that can really express my thanks to you both for giving me the opportunity to undertake such an  amazing journey both in a spiritual and physical sense.  Whatever adventure Libby and I  decide to do next year, I don't think it will come close to the tremendous experience we had with Coast to Coast.
I wish you both  well with your work and that all your hopes and dreams come to fruition.


Just wanted to extend my heart felt thanks for yet another fantastic riding holiday with Annie. It's always a worry that a great experience can never be equalled or surpassed; but without detracting a single moment from last years fantastic experience on the Southern Route, this Northern Route was amazing. Outstanding views, great weather,and  accommodation (where we were made to feel truly welcome) all added to the complete package. Most important of all was the easy companionship which existed between all those on the ride. it was a delight to share my holiday yet again with Liz and we are planning to return next year for the three coasts route. Janet proved to be a scream and I very much hope we will meet up again on a future ride too. I haven't stopped talking about the holiday since I returned home, and just as last year have found it very difficult to pick up my normal life after the companionable solitude of our adventure together.


Thank you for your lovely comments everyone - it was a real pleasure riding with you all too!
Jan & Graham and everyone at Highlands Unbridled