Adult Saddle Club

The adult saddle club is the thing to do if you don't just want to learn to ride, but want to do a bit more hands on stuff with horses too.

At the moment we meet on a Sunday afternoons through the winter and plan to also offer sessions one evening a week once the nights get lighter.

The format is flexible, which is what keeps it fun, but each session we will have a riding lesson or hack, a bit of stable management/horsecare and we'll throw in other fun activities, like games on horseback etc - something fun and maybe a bit silly - stuff that kids might do, but we as adults miss out on - Why should the kids get all the fun!

The exact format will change a bit every week and the group input is welcome to suggest things that they might like to try their hand at!

Coffee and a blether afterwards is optional and the sessions will be about two and a half hours.