Our Horses

Our Trail Horses

Most of our trail horses are actually ponies - but big ones!  The best equines to ride in this tough environment are tough native ponies – and Highland Ponies have been shaped by the nature of this land to cope with the toughest of the tough!  Most of ours are therefore, Highlands, or Highland crosses, but we also have some lovely Irish Cobs a couple of Appaloosas, a Fell cross, a Quarter horse cross, an Arab and a couple of assorted others!

Wherever possible, we go for the natural approach with our horses. We use gentle training methods and most of our horses go barefoot most of the time - however we do use Easyboots when they are being ridden on hard or stoney ground, as we find that wearing easyboots works better for them than wearing shoes - no risk of loosing a shoe and nail injury in the middle of nowhere and the boots protect the sole from bruising on stoney trails too.

Our Trekking & Riding Lesson Horses & Ponies

Are mostly natives and native crosses - kind, sensible and chosen with their job in mind. We have something to suit everyone, from the complete beginner to experienced riders, an ponies suitable for small children as well as some Clydesdale or Shire crosses, suitable for large grown ups!.

Blue cantering in the field


Blue is Charys’ 14.2hh skewbald roan Irish Cob mare, who loves going ‘off-road’. 
A good sturdy native pony, she is ridden by guests now, and is in her element running through the heather.

Rae and Mhaia her highland foal



Rae is a 14.1hh grey dun Highland mare.  She is a real sweetheart good for beginners and also goes up a gear for experienced riders. She is also our pack pony when we need her for camping trips. She is mum to Mhaia.  We call her our little sea horse, as she loves wading out into the waves.


saffy arabian gelding standing in loch brora - highlandSaffy

Saffy is a14.2hh fleabitten grey Polish Arab gelding.  Saffy always wants to know what is round the next corner, so trail riding is perfect for him.


connie black fell cross pony


13.2hh Fell X pony - really sweet little girl, loves getting out and about and a lot of fun.





Rain is a 15.1hh Appaloosa mare.  We have owned her since she was a yearling.  She is a real softie, but to be honest, not the brightest horse we’ve ever met – a bit of a bimbo! Rain is mother to our youngster Brooke, who should be out on the trails this year..

Annie galloping on the beach at Brora

Annie is a skewbald mare - we don't know her breeding. She is about 14.3hh, nice and forward going, up to weight and up to speed, but is also happy being a giant lead rein pony if necessary for adult beginners! Everyone who rides her, loves her!

Fern, Highland mare at Highlands Unbridled



Fern is on loan to us whilst her owner is away at University. A 14hh Grey Dun Highland she thinks she's a thoroughbred on the beach!

magic few spot appaloosa mare


Alias Madge! 14.2hh few spot Appaloosa x mare. Nice forward going girl who likes to see what's round the next corner.





15.2hh Cleveland Bay x Highland. Lovely laid back, gentle boy, who really looks after his rider. Happy to plod along with complete beginners, or up the pace for experienced riders.

poppy highland cross pony riding lesson beginnersPoppy

13.2hh Irish bred pony - we think she's got a bit of connemara in her. Came with Woody and they are still good friends. Poppy is great for small adults or children with a bit of riding experience.

Eli, piebald irish cob with pet leprechaun Graham!

Very striking 15hh piebald Irish Cob gelding. Eli has been a driving pony in a previous life and we plan to drive him again at some point, but in the meantime he is enjoying himself out on the trails. Very good natured boy, he'll try anything you ask him to. He is pictured here with his pet leprechaun, Graham....


palomino quarter horse x arab, Bonnie with Abbie

Bonnie's back! Bonnie was here a couple of years ago and now the blonde bombshell is back! A 14.2hh Palomino Quarterhorse x Arab, she is very beautiful and is proving to be quite handy too.



14.1hh mouse dun Highland Pony. Took a while to find out where he'd fit in at the yard, but he's decided that he likes doing the trail rides best and is very brave on the trail - always happy to lead the others past anything a little bit scarey!




Molly - welsh x exmoor mare childs ponyMolly
Molly is our 11.3hh Welsh X Exmoor childrens pony. She is very sweet and cuddly and loves children. Great on or off the lead rein as she follows like a dog.

mhaia highland pony Great Glen high route trail





Mhaia Raes daughter - now out on the trails and proving to be a very capable and brave girl. A star in the making !

Brodie Highland pony loch ness





Brodie Very sweet little Highland Pony mare the youngest on the trail at the moment. She really enjoys her job and is proving to be very good in the school too.

Joe Highland x Ara jumping



Joe Is a little Highland x Arab. He's very cute and fast and loves jumping.


Paige horse in Highlands


Paige Lovely Appaloosa cross cob, who loves being in front. She will give you a kiss if you give her a treat...



Lexi Highland Mare Tain


Lexi Highland Mare, loves being in the school and is happy out trekking too.

Little mr Blue eyes Kelpie, cremello shetland gelding

Lovely little chap - takes the tiniest of tots. A little cremello mini shetland. Very tiny, very cute and with very blue eyes - well ... eye actually, just one, as he managed to get something sharp in his eye that penetrated his eye ball and he had to have it removed. Not that it seems to bother him in the least - he still puts the big horses in their place!

ginny horse highlands



Ginny is a lovely kind girl. She looks after everyone, from complete beginners to the most experienced rider. Always patient and just gets on with her job.


twin highland ponies goose and maverick










The Twins! - Goose & Maverick

Meet Goose & Maverick - our twin (yes really!) highland ponies bred by Pat Gray & George Duncan. The boys caused quite a stir when they were born as for both twins to survive is quite rare. However these two were both a good size and obviously good tough highland stock and they have grown into big, strapping lads! They may not look alike, but they are very comical as they do everything together. They love doing things together and 2013 saw them out on the trails for the first time. They proved to be great ponies, confident and happy and sensible too!


Rains 6 year old daughter. Absolutely jet black with no white on her at all - as mum is an appaloosa, we thought she might have at least one spot (maybe she has black spots on a black background!) Very sweet and friendly, should make a lovely horse on the rides when she's older.

Other horses

We still have Orion, our daughters horse, whowill be coming back into work this summer and Salty a lovely Appaloosa mare, who is being re-started at the moment and who will be out on the trails later this year.... watch this space!