Dates and prices for horse riding holidays in 2016

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Ride Dates Detail Cost
Two happy young riders in the heather on the coffin road overlooking Kilbraur Day Ride Available most days.
Booking essential.
Full days riding.
Riding only - no meals provided.
Please bring your own packed lunch.
horseback riding on the beach at Brora East Sutherland Trail

Available most dates of most weeks.

2 or 3 days or riding. Please phone for details.

2 days riding
1 night accommodation

3 days riding
2 nights accommodation
All inclusive**

£330 GBP
2 day

£510 days

river crossing strath cuileanach horses Mad March & April Fools Rides
(part of the proceeds from these rides go to to horsey charities)
Sat 26th March - Sun 27th March
Thur 31st March - Fri 1st April

2 day ride
1 nights accommodation
All inclusive **


Thur 31st March - Sun 3rd April 4 day ride
3 nights accommodation
All inclusive**
horse riding through the heather in Dunrobin Wood Easter Special Fri 25th March - Mon 28th March
Mon 4th April - Thur 7th April
3 nights accomodation
4 days riding
All inclusive**
Arkle horse riding highlands scotland Coast to Coast
North Route
East to West

Sat 14th May - Fri 20th May
Sat 28th May - Fri 3rd June
Sat 18th June - Fri 24th June
Sat 16th July - Fri 22nd July
Sat 24th Sept - Fri 30th Sept


7 day ride
6 nights accommodation
7 days riding.
All inclusive **


May 14th Only

suilven horseback riding sutherland highlands scotland Coast to Coast Southern Route
West to East

Sun 22nd May - Fri 27th May
Sun 5th June - Fri 10th June
Sun 26th June - Fri 1st July
Sun 24th July - Fri 29th July
Wed 24th Aug - Mon 29th Aug
Sun 2nd Oct - Fri 7th Oct


6 day ride
5 nights accommodation
6 days riding.
All inclusive **
The October rides are the best for hearing the rutting stags roaring in the glens


cam loch with suilven in background horseback riding Three Coast Ride

Sat 13th Aug - Mon 22nd Aug

10 days

9 nights accommodation
9 days riding, 1 rest day
All inclusive **
paddling ponies, Bonnie and Rae in the sea at brora The Longest Ride Sat 13th Aug - Mon 29th Aug

17 days

16 nights accommodation
15 days riding, 2 rest days.
All inclusive **

horse riding bonnie prince charlie Glenfinnan

Bonnie Prince Charlie Trail




Thur 21st April - Tues 26th April


6 days
5 nights accommodation
4 days riding.
2 x half days sightseeing (Glenfinnan & Culloden)

All inclusive meals and entrance fees**





Outlander 3
( Add On)
Tue 26th April - Sat 30th April
5 days
3 days riding and 1 days sightseeing.
The Bonnie Ride
(the BPC ride with out the PC bit!)
Fri 22nd April - Mon 25th April

4 days riding
4 nights accommodation

All inclusive**

loch ness great glen horse riding vacation The Great Glen Ride

Sat 9th April - Tues 12th April (S)*
Sat 7th May - Tues 10th May (S)
Fri 9th Sept - Mon 12th Sept (S)

S - South side. East to West

4 day ride
3 nights accommodation


April Only

Sat 4th June - Wed 8th June (N)
Sat 2nd July - Wed 6th July (N)**
Wed 14th Sept-Sun 18th Sep (N)

N - North side.
** July ride ridden east to west

5 day ride
4 nights accommodation
All inclusive
split stones clava cairns outlander horse back riding Outlander 1

Sun 24th April - Fri 29th April
Wed 15th June - Mon 20th June *
Wed 22nd June - Mon 27th June
Tues 31st Aug - Mon 5th Sept
Sun 16th Oct - Fri 21st Oct

* these dates the Ruthven route

Including visits to a Stone Circle, Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, Culloden and other key locations from the series of books

6 day ride
5 days riding
One day sight seeing.
6 nights accommodation
all inclusive**
Price includes all entry fees (Culloden etc)

Outlander 2



Sun 24th April - Sun 1st May
Mon 13th June - Mon 20th June *
Wed 22nd June - Wed 29th June
Wed 31st Aug - Wed 7th Sept Sun 16th Oct - Sun 23rd Oct

* these dates the Ruthven route

Including visits to a Stone Circle, Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, Culloden, 'Castle Leoch' and Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood, the Worlds End and other key locations and filming sites from the series.

8 days
5 days riding
3 days sight seeing.
7 nights accommodation all inclusive
Price includes all entry fees.



kintail horse riding glen affric The Wild West Highlands Trail

Sat 14th May - Fri 20th May
Sat 13th Aug - Fri 19th Aug
Sat 20th Aug - Fri 26th Aug *

* This ride is Wild West 2 option

6 day ride
6 nights accommodation
All inclusive **







Coast to Coast (The long way!)


Mon 25th July - Sun 7th Aug

14 days
The two rides below combined
12 days riding, 2 days off. 13 nights accommodation



Ben Nevis Bothies & Beautiful Places Wed 3rd Aug - Mon 8th Aug 6 days 5 nights
Cairngorms Castles & Coast

Sat 4th June - Fri 10th June
Mon 25th July - Sun 31st July

7 days 6 nights
Castles and Whisky trail

Wed 25th May - Tue 31st May
Sat 16th July - Fri 22nd July


7 days 6 nights

including entry fees for Balmoral castle and Lochnagar distillery


Four days Fort to Fort Sat 9th July - Tues 12th July 4 days 3 nights
Shamoo and Graham in Narnia! (well in the forest at brora anyway) Horsey Hogmanay!

Wed 30th Dec - Sat 2nd Jan
Fri 30th Dec - Mon 2nd Jan

Spend the new year break in the Highlands of Scotland - the best place to be at this time of year!

3-4 days riding 2-4 hours per day.
4 nights accommodation
Enjoy a traditional Scottish Hogmanay at
the famous Dornoch Street party with loads
of riding too.
All inclusive**


dirty white horse with cleann me written on its quarters
Working/horse-care Holidays

Anytime from 1st Oct 2014 - 31st May 2015

One week here at Highlands Unbridled.
Accommodation on site and all meals provided. Riding each day and more hands on experience with horses. Suitable for all levels.

GBP twin



Important information

The prices above are based on sharing a twin bedded room. Double rooms are available upon request. Single rooms may be available, but cannot be guaranteed and will subject to an extra charge - please contact us for prices and availability.

Single room supplement - C-C south £120, C-C North £140, BPC ride £150, Outlander 1 £140, Outlander 2 £160 Longest ride £360, Three Coast £200, GGW 4 day £70, GGW 5 day £80, Wild West Highland £160, Ben Nevis & Bothies £120, Cairngorms & Castles £140, Castles & Whisky £160, Fort to fort £70

We will be riding for approximately 15 - 25 miles per day on the long trail rides. For groups of 4 or more we may be able to tailor dates to suit - please ask.

** The Coast to Coast rides, Seaside Special and Longest Ride leave late morning or early afternoon, and do not include accommodation for the night before the ride commences. The cost does not cover accommodation once the ride has finished as we realise that some guests may wish to leave as soon as they get back. Should you require accommodation for the night before your ride departs, or at the end of your ride, please advise us at the time of booking. We can arrange this for you at cost, or advise you on accommodation in the area.

Working holidays

Why not come over for a working holiday? Spend 6 days and 7 nights working and having fun with our horses and ponies. A great way to learn about horse care and get plenty of riding in too. For full details check out our working holidays page.

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